Dr. Millie Lee, an integrative cardiologist’s new book, Your Heart Is in Your Hands, offers a contemporary look at the reversible factors that can lead to heart disease, the #1 cause of death globally.

Your Heart Is in Your Hands builds from a simple premise: heart disease is a lifestyle disease and as such, is largely preventable and reversible.

Based on the latest science and a holistic, integrative approach, Dr. Lee blends her expertise in cardiology and functional medicine to go beyond the traditional risk factors and uncover the root causes of heart disease, which are modifiable lifestyle factors such as stress and inflammation. Your Heart Is in Your Hands shows that the fate of your heart is not in your genes or in the hands of your doctors. It is in how you live. Dr. Lee identifies areas in our life that we can control and offers simple, doable, and enjoyable lifestyle practices that will keep your heart healthy for years to come.