Ep. 29: Your Heart Is In Your Hands with Integrative cardiologist, Dr. Millie Lee.


Dr. Millie Lee, Integrative cardiologist and author of the best selling book, “Your Heart Is In Your Hands, spent over twenty years practicing interventional cardiology before she realized the chronic nature of heart disease and there was a need for a more holistic approach. She transitioned to integrative cardiology to help her patients get to the root cause of the disease and to give them hope that heart disease can be prevented and even reversed.

In this episode, she shares her expertise in cardiology and functional medicine to give a better understanding of what she calls, “the heart matrix,” the five elements that correspond to dysfunction in the five major body systems that are interconnected to the heart, the immune system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine, and genetics.  These elements are correlated with the five root causes of chronic disease, inflammation, insulin-resistance, stress, genetics, and our microbiome, and they influence one another.

She discusses what we really need to know about cholesterol, stress, and inflammation, and  provides simple lifestyle strategies we can start making today.

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