Heart Disease is a Lifestyle Disease

Interview With RHG Magazine; Meet Dr. Millie Lee

Dr. Millie Lee was featured in an article in RHG Magazine. As an integrative cardiologist trained in Western Medicine, and a yoga teacher trained in the ancient wisdom of Eastern Medicine, she integrates the two worlds to provide a holistic approach to...

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Challenge Accepted! You Can Overcome!

Challenges come to us in many forms: physical, personal, business-related, and mental. Dr. Millie Lee was featured on the podcast "Empowering Women, Transforming Lives". She spoke to host, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, and shared some readings from her book, "Your...

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Your Heart Is in Your Hands

Dr. Millie Lee, an integrative cardiologist's new book, Your Heart Is in Your Hands, offers a contemporary look at the reversible factors that can lead to heart disease, the #1 cause of death globally.Your Heart Is in Your Hands builds from a simple...

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