On this Memorial Day, we remember and honor those warriors who have given their lives protecting our freedoms that we hold so dear. I am also so grateful for today’s warriors, who have served our country (our veterans), or continue to risk their lives for our country.

So, what makes a great warrior?

Courage, Faith and a Sense of Responsibility.

These are qualities that we try and cultivate in our yoga practice.

Reverse Warrior

Reverse Warrior II

It is easy to build impervious walls and shield ourselves from “harm”.  It takes Courage to show up in your life, to feel and care for ourselves and those around us. On our mats, we find courage, not only in the challenging postures, balancing, inversions or whatever that may be for you, but also, and perhaps more so, in the stillness of Shavasana.

Faith is complete trust or belief in someone or something, sometimes trusting something not easily seen or understood. Our warriors serve with absolute faith that what they’re doing is right and in the best interest of our country. Connecting with your warrior requires you to believe in yourself and your unique gifts. When we develop our gifts, we are serving others. It takes faith (and courage) to show up on our mats, to consciously breath,to stand on one foot, to go upside down and to be still in Shavasana.


Being a warrior means taking responsibility for your actions as they relate to others and the world around you. We all have a responsibility to live this life to the best of our ability. This means taking care of ourselves, our family, our neighbors, our Earth, our Universe. The principles of Yoga teach us to live a life of loving kindness, on and off the mat.

To all the Warriors,