“Let nature be your medicine and medicine be your nature”—Hippocrates

Ayurveda, literally translated, is the science of life. It is a consciousness-based approach to health. It is the most ancient health care system. It predates almost 5-6000 years. It is the mother of all medicine: Natural, Holistic, Integrative, Complementary, Alternative, and Traditional.

The underlying principle is that health is a state of vibrant BALANCE in which ALL the layers of one’s life are fully integrated and connected and balanced with Nature. Vedic literature says “Yatha Pinde tatha Brahmande”. It means what is going on within you is the same as what is going on in the universe. Simply put, We Are Nature.

Basic Tenets of Ayurveda

  • It respects the uniqueness of the individual; No cookie cutter approach
  • It considers ALL the levels of the individual (Physical Body ,Breath, Mind,  Intellect, and Consciousness)
  • It offers natural ways of treating dis-eases and promoting health
  • It emphasizes prevention
  • It empowers everyone to take responsibility for their own well-being
  • It is cost effective and IT WORKS.

Ayurveda works with the principles of nature to individualize diagnosis and treatment. One of the Ayurvedic tools are the DOSHAS which rely on the principles of the 5 natural elements. We as natural beings are made up of the same 5 elements in varying proportions:

  1. Space (Akasha)– The realm of pure potentiality
  2. Air (Vayu) – Movement, Flow
  3. Fire (Agni) – Transformation
  4. Water (Jala) – Protection
  5. Earth (Prithivi) – Structure

 DOSHAS  in Ayurveda are mind-body constitutions or mind-body types that reflect the varying elements within us which result in the expression of particular patterns of energy – unique blends of physical, emotional, & mental characteristics. We all have varying degrees of all the doshas but one will usually dominate at any given moment.  By identifying your Dosha, you can create a lifestyle that balances, sustains and nurtures your unique nature.

 Which Dosha are you?

 VATA – combination of space and air


  • Thin, light frame, Dry skin and hair, Cold hands and feet, Variable digestion and sleep patterns, Moves & talks quickly, Resists routine, Welcomes new experiences

When Balanced, Vatas are energetic, creative, adaptable, good communicators and spontaneous

When Imbalanced, they can be anxious with an overactive, unruly mind, have difficulty sleeping and have GI distress with constipation, Gas or bloating 

To Balance VATA, incorporate

  • Regular habits, balanced routine
  • Quiet time, meditation
  • Attention to fluids

PITTA – combination of fire and water


  • Medium build, Strong digestion, Warm body temperature, Sleeps soundly for short periods, Sharp intellect (sometimes sharp tongue), Direct & precise, Stays close to routine, Courageous

When balanced, Pittas  are bright, warm, friendly, good decision makers, leaders and have a strong digestion

When imbalanced, they can be angry, irritable, extremely critical, judgmental, aggressive and suffer from skin rashes, inflammation and indigestion

To Balance PITTA, incorporate

  • Moderation
  • Coolness, calm
  • Attention to leisure
  • Exposure to natural beauty

KAPHA – Combination of water and earth


  • Heavyset, Smooth skin, Thick hair, Deep, sound sleep, Slow moving, Easy going, Good stamina, Methodical, thoughtful nature, Enjoys routine

 When Balanced, Kaphas are steady, consistent, loyal. strong, supportive, content, calm

When Imbalanced, they can be dull, inert, needy, attached, congested, overweight, complacent, and overly protective

To Balace Kapha, incorporate

  • Stimulation
  • Regular exercise
  • Weight control

“Ayurveda Amritanam” – Ayurveda is for Immortality