Autumn is a time of natural transformation.  It is a season of change where the leaves on the trees change their colors from warm green to fiery red and vibrant orange, then float away slowly to the ground. Like the leaves, we are in a season of transformation where we can find the courage to change our colors as well.





There often come times in our lives (for seasons do change), when we just know deep in our hearts, that is it time for a change. That change may be big or small, related to career,  relationship or place of residence. Or perhaps, when we are quiet, we hear the subtle calls for small but transformative changes in our attitudes and behaviors. Or maybe you just have the feeling that you are not living your life authentically.

For me, this season of transformation is a time of major change. After a long career in medicine as an interventional cardiologist, it is time for a change. Time to retire my stethoscope and discover what else this life has in store for me.

In many ways, this has not been an easy decision. But I have no doubt that it is the right decision. In Yoga, we talk about Dharma. Dharma is our Purpose… Our calling to be of service but more importantly to be authentic and true to our selves. When we are on this path, we find true Joy. This purpose can change with the seasons as well. My Dharma has been to serve others in the practice of medicine. I have been blessed with wisdom and intelligence and put on this particular path of service, and I pray I served it well. Being a physician is a profession that I have been privileged and deeply honored to be a part of.  I believe that I’ve done it well, saving many lives, touching many lives and being touched by even more. As a healer, however, I know that there are many ways to heal and that I can still be of service.

I have spent my entire life following my mind, my thoughts and ideas, of how my life should be, which led me to this life of practicing medicine, specifically cardiology, the science of the heart.

But now, for probably the first time in my life, it is time to follow my heart and not my mind.

I have always envied those people who lived by the mantra/motto…

Do what you love… Love what you do. For these fortunate people, work is not work but joyful Dharma.

Where the road leads, I do not exactly know, but I go there with Faith and Excitement. I do know that my new Dharma is driven by my passion for the healing powers of Yoga. I hope to use all the wisdom I have obtained through the years, practicing Cardiology and Yoga, to continue to be a healing Source for others.

A friend (Anna) referred to this change in career as Chapter 2. We all have many chapters in our book of Life.  Sometimes, when the days get shorter, and the wind blows a cool breeze, we find the courage to shed our leaves and go with the flow of life.

Please follow along as I take this journey as I will most certainly be writing regularly about my lessons and adventures.


Dr Millie Lee